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http://www.femaledestination.comLAMJUNG DISTRICT:  is a part of Gandaki Pradesh, is one of the 77 districts of Nepal. The district, with Besisahar as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,692 square kilometres and as of 2011 had a population of 167,724. Lamjung lies in the mid-hills of Nepal spanning tropical to trans-Himalayan geo-ecological belts, including the geographical midpoint of the country. It has mixed habitation of casts and ethnicities. It is host to probably the highest density of the Gurung ethnic populatio.

DUDH-POKHARI TREK: .  is a marvelous journey of natural wonders, cultural riches and Himalayan beauty. It is a fascinating adventure that takes place in the gorgeous Annapurna region of Nepal. In the first place, the trekking journey encompasses all of the best aspects that make trekking adventures memorable. In the second, it is a semi-technical trip that anyone can do! In particular, the Annapurna region of Nepal is quite famous for being a region of immense natural beauty. Not only is the region a cornucopia of natural wonders, but it is also a region of great cultural stature. Thus, trekking to  of the buddha Himal is not only a journey of amazing Himalayan quintessence, but is also an enjoyable trip encompassing region’s ethnic indigenous tenants. 

Correspondingly, among the thousands of visitors of Nepal who visit the country every year, about half of them end up in the Annapurna region! As a matter of fact, the dudh-pokhari Trek is quite deserving of its popularity. It perfectly blends in the best highlights of the region along with being a relatively easy trip. Like this, the journey presents the best in all features of trekking. You can revel in the beauty of the cerulean Annapurna Himalayas while going through the ethnic   Gurung villages. Likewise, you can also take in the religious ambiance of the villages and settlements as you visit the small Gompa and temples along your way. As you make your way to the base camp, you can also delight in the dainty settlements situated in the foothills of the Himalayas.         

The Dudh-Pokhari Trek Highlights

The Dudh-Pokhari Trek includes many features and hallmarks. Corresponding to the region’s Himalayan jewels, the trip includes dramatic views of the Annapurna /manaslu/mansaili/ganesh/buddha Mountain massif. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the views of many other prominent Himalayan peaks of the region. The Machhapuchhre Himal and the Gangapurna peak among many decorate the backdrop of many villages as well. Moreover, mountain peaks like the Lamjung Himal,annapurna himal,buddha himal,ganesh himal,mansaili himal,manaslu himal  also make the trip more arresting.

The Dudh-Pokhari Trek starts with the kathmandu city. It is one of the most famous cities of Nepal. kathmandu is enviable for its close views of the Annapurna /lamjung/manaslu/ganesh/mansaili/buddha Himalayas. Similarly, kathmandu is also known as the adventure capital of Nepal. Owning to its name as a “lake-side city”, it is coupled with the tranquility of the pristine monestry.

Furthermore, the Dudh-Pokhari Trek includes various ethnic mountain villages. Together with the beguiling natural scenery, you can also get acquainted with the   Gurung culture most prominent in the region. By the same token, the trekking trail goes through many destinations like ilam-pokhari leparchok danda,, lepe danda,ketre danda,notache,kaso,kista-pokhari,dudh-pokhari among others. As a matter of fact, the trekking trails also go through the famed buddha himal. Therefore, the Dudh-Pokhari Trek is also called the Easter-north lamjung buddha himal Trek.

Additionally, another major highlight of the trip is the vantage point of deurali danda. Owing to its feature, you can witness the panorama of the entire Mount Buddha Himal massif from there. Coupled with the ethereal sunrise view amidst the manaslu Himalayas, you can truly experience a trip of a lifetime!

Best time to do the Dudh-Pokhari Trek

The best time to do the Dudh Pokhari Trek is in the spring or the autumn seasons. The spring season in Nepal lasts from March to May while the autumn season takes place between the months of augest to December. However, you can choose any time of the year to do the trek and we will arrange it for you. In the same fashion, it is a moderate trekking journey, and as mentioned- anyone can do it. To enumerate, you do not need any previous trekking experience to do this. 

You can also choose alternatives to the Dudh Pokhari Trek, like our Dudh-Pokhari Trek which provides monumental vistas of the Annapurna Ranges within its trekking journey. If you are short on time, you can also opt for another version of Dudh-Pokhari trek package. This trek is new trail trek so this is fully camping trek .

Female Destination Team provides the absolute best services when it comes to all matters of hiking and trekking. And by all means, th buddha himal/manaslu Trekking is most suited for its staggering features. Thus, do not miss the opportunity of trekking to the base camp of the buddha Mountain with us.


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