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Beezay Gurung

Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Beezay, young entrepreneur, recognized his place in the tourism industry in a short period. He earned his experience through the ups and downs in his professional career. He has been in the Nepal travel industry for more than a decade. His years in the tourism trade helped him to achieve a plethora of experiences in making striking tour/trek packages. Additionally, his extensive travels add realistic and practical knowledge to all the tour packages he commences.

Beezay also travels internationally to promote and endorse Nepal as a tourist destination amongst his friends, patrons and tour operators. He is multilingual with a high aptitude to comprehend western as well as eastern cultures. He assists westerners in understanding Nepali culture properly and stimulates individuals to support Nepal in different ways, either by visiting Nepal as tourists or initiating different development projects, which will help Nepal and Nepalese for a better future.

Beezay has over 12 years experience in almost all aspects of tourism industry. He specializes in historicals,culturals,flora & fauna, trekking in the Annapurna, Everest, Manasulu and Dhaulagiri ,gaurisanker(langtang),kanchanjanga(dolpa-upperdolpa)regions. Driven by the philosophy of ‘To strive to seek to find and not to yield’, he desires to conquer every trails and tracks of the mountains and is passionate about his travel business. A alots friendly and honest man, Beezay takes pride in sharing his knowledge to fellow adventurers openly making sure their journey is safe and pleasurable. “My inspiration? I get inspirations from nature, the mountains, the sights and sounds. I want to show how beautiful Nepal is. Through my business or I want every traveler to get an experience of a lifetime and I must say I am very passionate about it.”

Trekking Leaders

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Beezay Gurung

Trekking Guide/Tour Guide

Beezay gurung is our highly knowledgeable guide who has been working with us since 2018. A strong presence in the trekking and guiding field since 2006, Beezay has guided treks and trips all over the country, working with a wide inlet of clients from all over the world. He always makes sure that he is providing the best care and services to the customers at all times. He is friendly and good natured, which makes him a good company with the customers. He is very enthusiastic about his profession as well, which he demonstrates very imminently in the field. He likes to show customers from all over the world the wonders of Nepal. He is also very knowledgeable about the destinations and the sites, which he conveys in a good and understanding manner to the clients.

His addition of the knowledge and information about the many prominent sites, both natural and cultural while trekking makes the customers enjoy their trip all the more pleasurably. He is highly effective at the field and his experience with customers is what makes him stand out. He always keeps the satisfaction of his customers as the most important point to take care of while trekking. He is always attentive towards his clients and happily provides a good company.

Mr.beezay is proactive at taking care of any situation while trekking and is quick on feet and on thinking of the best solution. His vast experience in the many locations that span the entire country also makes him a very valuable companion to have while trekking. He is highly effective at his work and a very competent trekking guide and leader. His dexterous and stellar work in terms of guiding the customers is truly proficient and polished.  

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Shristy Gurung

Trekking Guide/Tour Guide

shristy has been working with us since 2019. she is an expert in the trekking field and excels at being the best trek leader. shristy started her career as a trekking guide in the early 2008, working with a wide variety of customers from all around the world.mrs shristy speaks good English and she always has the best personality, making her a good trekking guide with all clients. shristy was born in the pokhara itself, in the Annapurna region. she has always been in the presence of the Himalayas and has many trekking trips under her belt. Owning to her amazing experience in many different terrains, shrity makes for a very endearing companion to her customers while trekking. she always makes sure to put her customers first; the customer’s comfort, safety and satisfaction are always most important to her. she is also very adept at recognizing the situating and taking the best immediate course of action. Her excellent work in the field is always formidable.

she also has the most good-humored personality and her friendly nature always manages to charm the clients. Her experience in the field clearly shows in her guiding techniques. sheis high-spirited as well, and she always takes her responsibilities as a guide and a trek leader very seriously. There have never been any instances where the customers have not been satisfied with his work. In every instance,she has managed to make sure that the clients are happy and completely satisfied with her work. she always keeps the group together, and strengthens her relationships with all people who are under her responsibility while trekking. she knows the trekking trails and locations from the most complicated to basic levels. Her openness to learn and to always get new experiences makes her charming as well.    

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Rabina Tamang

Trekking guide

Rabina has been a guide in the field since 2010.. Her immense experience in the field makes her a certified expert in all things related to guiding in the Nepal Himalayan terrain. Because of her vast knowledge in the guiding field, her work is manifested brilliantly when she is guiding clients. she always takes care of her clients and makes sure that they are getting the best services at all times. Rabina has been working with company since 2019, and her guiding expertise is not only limited to all over Nepal but in Tibet and Bhutan as well. Her friendly and affectionate nature makes her a top choice for many customers.

She is easy-going and helpful, and based on her vast experience in the field; she knows all of the trails and paths like the back of her hand. Her friendly nature also makes her very accustomed to locals as well, and she always makes sure that she bridges the gap between the local people and her customers when it comes to communication. she speaks good English and always puts the safety and comforts of her clients as a priority. she has all of the best characteristics of a good guide and her dedication to her profession is what makes her shine in her work.

She is extremely enthusiastic and has a powerful tenacity to bring the best out of people. she is persistent in her brilliant work and always delivers the best results. Rbina has explored and visited almost all parts of Nepal, and her work is always immaculate. she always makes the customers feel comfortable and lets them enjoy the trip while trying her best to make it as memorable as she can. she is always open to ideas and pointers by customers as well.

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Sarmila Nepali

Trekking Guide

sarmila is counted as one of our finest gems with whom we have had the opportunity to work with since 2019. she has stated trekking since 2008.This young women’s passion and dedication towards travel and tourism is what has driven her towards travelling self and also serving other travelers as a guide throughout all these years.she has great knowladge about historical,cultural,himalayas side,religions,flora n faunas. Most of our previous clients who have had been in her guidance in their trip to Nepal look out for her whenever they want to sign up for our service the next time. This response from the clients itself quite reflects up her impression here as a guide in Feamle Destination team.

A person in the hospitality sector should possess qualities like politeness, patience, easygoing attitude, sincerity and devotion. And it would not be our mistake to say that sarmila possess all these without any doubt. We are all quite impressed with her extraordinary proficiency to guarantee the clients’ safety and comfort because of which she has also been a learning source to other guides in our company. We believe she still has a long-long way to go and one day will succeed to reach higher heights in the tourism sector of Nepal.

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Misty Kumari

Trekking Guide

Serving in association with our company since 2019.she has started trekking since 2012. Mrs misty is a knowledgable,histrorical,culturals,religious,flora & fauna, distinguished and enthusiastic guide. With considerable amount of experience in the field, she is willing to trek through different routes, regardless of the difficulty.

Her ease of working in varied situations and the ability to resolve issues is her strength, which she utilizes during the execution of trips. Fond of vigorous travelling, she takes her personal form of leisure, as her full-time profession. With an amiable nature, mrs.misty works towards making every trip, a wonderful adventure. she is a dignified employee and a good asset of our company.

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